Oravský Podzámok 28.8.2021

koncert PRELOŽENÝ 

na 19.6.2022 !!!



 is a combination of the biggest hits of the group with a symphony orchestra in an original performance. All arrangements are created directly for this combination of symphonic and rock components and professional performances of singers, underlining the uniqueness of the whole project.

– Idnes.cz

It was brilliant time, such a great evening with lots and lots of singing and dancing with all your favourite ABBA songs! 

– AHA.cz

The audience was literally sucked into the whole show and it was for all of us unforgettable evening . . 

– Deník.cz

Get much, much more than expected.

– Super.cz

This ABBA SYMPHONIC SHOW was the best event of its type that I have ever been to…….a truly amazing experience that exceeded expectations on very front. Just great show !!! 

– Novinky.cz

Phenomenal music, lights . . . simply great experience !!!


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